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Vehicle development

AVS has extensive experience in fitting out vehicles:

  • Use of efficient and light materials such as projected cork, poplar plywood and aluminium.

  • Ergonomics of small spaces

  • Design suitable for bad weather conditions and difficult terrain.

  • Good experience in the management of electric autonomy.


XtremCamper Travel Cell Manufacturing

AVS has developed a travel cell manufacturing concept that radically differentiates us from others.

The cell is made up of a TIG-welded aluminum tube frame into which insulation made of polyurethane foam or extruded polystyrene is inserted. The outer skin is made of epoxy resin and fiberglass lamination. Inside, a 5 mm cork panel is applied to reduce thermal bridges linked to the aluminum structure, then a 5 mm poplar plywood panel.

This method of manufacture is complex and requires multiple technical skills but we obtain an excellent compromise:

  • Lightness equivalent to an aluminum sandwich panel

  • Solidity and rigidity equivalent to thick polyester sandwich panel.

  • Repairability equivalent to polyester panel

  • High performance thermal insulation.

  • Sound insulation thanks to cork and poplar plywood.

  • The interior fittings are indestructible because they are integrated into the aluminum structure, which further reinforces the structure.

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