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When manufacturing a Pinzelec, the manufacturer AVS combines the best of off-road vehicles: an antique Pinzgauer, with the best electrical components: a modern Tesla motor and battery.

We cannot blame it for the carbon footprint linked to its manufacture: the Pinzelec is made from reconditioned and guaranteed Tesla vehicles and components.

If it is unnecessary to present Tesla vehicles here is a short description of the Pinzgauer. It was built from 1971 by Steyr Puch according to military specifications, it offers very specific characteristics. Very compact, the 4x4 is the size of a Defender 90 and the 6x6 that of a Defender 110. It provides unrivaled loading space thanks to its forward cabin. Unlike all the others, it is designed for off-roading at full load, a configuration in which its ground clearance is 35 cm thanks to oscillating portal half-axles around a rigid central beam in which the transmissions are incorporated. All the wheels are independent, resulting in surprising comfort on the slopes. It has differential locks on all axles. Its military origin makes it a rustic vehicle whose reputation for robustness has traveled around the world.

We will remember :

  • Excellent crossover (ground clearance of 35 cm, blocking of bridges, possibility of 6x6),

  • Rustic and reputedly very robust vehicle,

  • very handy,

  • Very comfortable for the transport of people,

  • Very large volume and loading capacity,

  • Particularly simple positioning of the batteries,

  • Unusual vehicle that arouses curiosities.

This totally reversible transformation is the result of 2 years of research and development. The goal was to retain the best of both worlds. Once the combustion engine and the gearbox have been dismantled, we distribute the entire 85 kWh or 100 kWh Tesla battery in 3 sealed boxes arranged in such a way as to optimize the vehicle's center of gravity. The Tesla engine of more than 500 HP coupled to a specific reducer sits in front of the original transfer box which allows the vehicle to retain its legendary off-road capabilities. The Pinzelec has a universal on-board charger that works on household sockets and public terminals, it also manages fast charging to recharge 80% of the battery in 1 hour.

Incredible ! it is the adjective that comes to the mouth of all the people who try the Pinzelec. It is a formidable crossing vehicle which offers unparalleled performance on the market thanks to its explosive engine.

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