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The Pinzgauer

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Caring for your Pinzgauer

We use Pinzgauers on a daily basis and for travel, so we are starting to know the weaknesses and the points to check during an overhaul. We use original parts and quality fluids to keep your vehicle running for a long time.


The restoration of Pinzgauers

If your Pinzgauer is in poor condition or starting to rust, a simple overhaul will not be enough. We offer to restore all the elements of your vehicle. From simple painting to complete restoration, we work on:

  • the transmission,

  • Engine,

  • bodywork,

  • Upholstery (*),

  • The tarpaulin (*).

(*) supplier products


Improved Pinzgauer

In the 1970s the Pinzgauer was a state-of-the-art vehicle and a perfect compromise. Today we can blame him for his heavy steering when stationary, his archaic ignition and his consumption. AVS looks at the faults of the Pinzgauer to try to remedy them. If the solution does not exist on the market  we are working to develop it internally.

We are gradually enriching the catalog of improvements applicable to your Pinzgauer:

  • electric power steering (*)

  • fully electronic ignition (*)

  • braking (*)

  • injection system running on ethanol under study

  • running boards suitable for the Pinzgauer

  • LED lights

  • additional lights

  • winch bracket

  • Aluminum gallery

  • Polyester hard top (*)

(*) supplier products

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